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Turf Care

We take pride in your lawn and want to provide the best results possible. We understand that your property is an extension of you and it is our job to make sure your lawn is green, thick, and healthy. Our six application program will provide your turf with the essential nutrients and pest control products to keep it healthy. We know every lawn is different and before applying any products we conduct a pH test and discuss any expectations you may have. Contact us today to get a free estimate or
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pH test: This will give us a baseline of the acidity of your soil. Turf prefers a pH between 6.5 and 7.2 in order to utilize all the nutrients in the soil.

Weed and Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer: This first application of the season will kick start your lawn for the growing season and will prevent crabgrass for 90 days. The application also controls any broadleaf weeds in the turf.

Pre and Post Emergent Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer: This application will continue to feed your lawn and prepare it for the summer ahead. By applying another application of crabgrass control we can ensure that there won’t be any signs of crabgrass for the entire summer.
Insect and Grub Control with Fertilizer: Control of surface insects and grubs is very important to maintain a healthy lawn. The fertilizer will continue to feed your lawn for the summer.

Fertilizer with Organic Matter: It is very important to replenish the organic material in your soil, doing so will increase microorganism activity and increase the soils ability to retain nutrients for the turf.

Lime with Gypsum: This application usually done in the fall is very important to control the soil pH as well as reduce soil compaction and neutralize salt from the winter.

Fertilizer with Broadleaf Weed Control: While many weeds grow in the spring and summer some also thrive in the late summer and fall. This application will control any weeds that may appear late in the season as well as feed your lawn for the cool fall months.

Liquid Spot Treatment of Weeds: During each application a spot treatment of broadleaf weeds will be conducted if weather conditions permit.

Fungus Control: While not in our six part program this application is very important for anyone that notices discoloration in their lawn or has a lawn that appears to be “sick.” Fungus in turf can sometimes be difficult to identify and is frequently overlooked. Contact us and one of our turf specialists will meet with you and analyze your lawn. This application will take your lawn to the next level.

Aeration and Overseeding: Performed in late summer and early fall during the optimum planting season, aeration and overseeding is great to reduce soil compaction, introduce air to the root zone of the turf, and thicken up the turf. Applying seed at this time will give it the entire fall and winter to build a good root structure and mature before the heat of the next summer.

Since not all lawns are the same additional applications may be necessary to get your soil and turf healthy. Turf care specialists will analyze your lawn to determine what will be necessary to improve it. Sometimes the process of having a healthy lawn can take a year or two, once we get it healthy it will be the envy of the neighbors.