With over 1,000 yards of mulch stockpiled, Jeff’s has enough mulch to last through May. My team and I have an outstanding reputation for providing quality mulches at competitive prices coupled with reliable delivery and excellent service and we work hard for you to keep that reputation. This year we are offering 3 different kinds of mulch, Black Earth Compost, the ever-popular Red Hemlock Mulch and Black Mulch.

2022 Pricing

Black Earth Compost Mulch


Made in Manchester, MA with the best ingredients and thoroughly tested for quality control. The compost is tested for nutrients, salts, heavy metals, herbicides and soil food web biology. Nourishes plants for big growth through the growing season! Made with: Rich community food scraps, Lobsters, Seaweed, Leaves, Stable Manure, Woody Materials, No Homeowner grass clippings!

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Our top of the line mulch! It consists of mostly hemlock bark along with small amounts of other softwood bark. The bark mixture is processed to a fine texture and then seasonally enhanced to maintain an orange-red color. Please do not confuse the hemlock mulch with the bright red dyed mulch you may have seen around.

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BLACK MULCH $49/yard

Made with finely ground northern white cedar, this mulch is also tinted with environmentally safe colorant. This is a beautiful black mulch that is aromatic and lighter weight than other black mulches. The high mineral content of cedar helps inhibit decomposition.

*Note: There will be a $30 delivery fee added to each delivery. Questions? Please call - (781) 983-2323