Oriental Lillies

When Oriental lilies are in bloom, they quickly become the center of attention in a garden. With their exquisite blossoms and exotic fragrance, they truly add a wow factor wherever they’re planted.

From their appearance, you’d think they’re tricky to grow but nothing could be farther from the truth. Grown from large bulbs, they’re hardy down to U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 4, come in breathtaking colors and require virtually no care. To top it off, they’re perennials so they’ll come back year after year, and the bulbs will multiply over time.
There are three things to remember when deciding where to plant them: it should be a sunny spot that gets some afternoon shade, the soil needs to be well-drained and it should be where you will easily be able to view their gorgeous flowers.
The plants will reach anywhere from 24 to 48 inches in height, depending on the cultivar. Since the stems are very sturdy, only the tallest plants will need staking.
Oriental lilies come in a wide variety of colors. Some of the most popular are: Casa Blanca (pure white), Stargazer (fuchsia color with red freckles), Salmon Star (pale orange with white edges), Muscadet (white with pink freckles), Mona Lisa (pink with magenta freckles), Miss Lucy (pale pink double) and Virginale (white petals with yellow stripes down the middle).